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"tug of war” to “all in it together” corporate team training

Corporate Team Training

“To Behave or Not To Behave – Either decision has consequences”

  • Are you behaving at work?
  • Is your customer or co-worker driving you crazy?
  • Do you struggle with how to communicate to your boss, peers, and subordinates?

This team-building workshop will teach you and your team how each person's individual behavioral style can help or hinder the success of the collective team and ultimately your company. If you want to increase sales, this program is for you. You will learn how to identify behavioral cues and adjust your behavior to more of your customer’s liking because people buy from people they like! If you're looking to improve your working relationships and overall communication effectiveness with your boss, co-workers, and direct reports, this program is for you too. By learning how to approach team members in the way they prefer to be engaged, you will accelerate building trust with them; and trust is the foundation for any strong relationship.

Career Development

“Brand Yourself for Career Success”

  • Do you want to present yourself confidently?
  • Is the image you project the one you want?
  • Do you feel awkward/uncomfortable in social settings?

Some people seem to have that “special something” that positions them for promotions and career advancement ... or do they? In today’s market, the terms “personal branding” and “professional image” are directly tied to the success you achieve. In this program, Laura shares steps you can take NOW to create your personal brand and gain the confidence you need to land that promotion or new job you know you deserve. Learn what it takes to be confident and to project the image you want. By the time Laura’s done with you, you’ll be comfortable in any work or social setting and know exactly what to say when you meet that person with whom you’ve been dying to connect. Participate in this interactive session and position yourself for the opportunities you want.

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event and keynote speaker Laura Morales

Event & Keynote Speaking

"Connect, Create, and Cultivate: The Art of Networking©"

This program is packed with rich content that helps bring to the front burner those actions that have been on the back burner for way too long – small things that make a BIG impact. During this entertaining session, you will learn how networking starts with connecting first. Laura will show you how to create, build, and cultivate relationships anywhere and anytime! Find out how this can be extremely important to your career, as well as to establishing long-term relationships in your personal life.