Written Testimonials

“Laura, your seminar was the most informative and helpful communications lesson I’ve ever had the good fortune to attend. It was also one of the most enjoyable and fun. You raised subtle communication techniques of which I was previously unaware, and I know they’ll be monumentally helpful to our company’s future growth. I look forward to applying what I learned daily as a way of building on Hallmark’s established relationships… and creating new ones as well.”

Nelson Bean President & CEO Evans Team USA

"Over 140 female students from 15 local high schools gathered at Aldine ISD’s M.O. Campbell Center in Houston for DeVry University’s HerWorld®, an innovative program designed to encourage and reinforce interest in business and technology careers among high school girls. The girls also listened to an exciting and encouraging presentation from local business and communications coach, Laura Morales. Ms. Morales began the presentation with a motivational song and encouraged participation from the girls. Her presentation was energizing, exciting and very motivational. DeVry University-Houston was fortunate to have someone as energizing and professional as Ms. Morales presenting to the high school girls and encouraging them about their bright future. Everyone at DeVry University-Houston looks forward to the time when Ms. Morales can return and speak to us again. “

Claude Toland D.M. Metro President - Houston DeVry University

“Laura’s workshop is an energizer for any organization! She provides relevant information that is practical and easy to implement in your daily life. Our team at Shell was very impressed with the level of engagement and knowledge sharing. We look forward to working with Laura again.”

Frazier Wilson Social Investment Manager Shell Oil Company

“To captivate, inspire, and forge a lasting bond with an audience in a matter of 40 minutes is no small feat, yet that’s what Laura Morales did in our leadership program. She created an atmosphere that boosted self-confidence, and she listened with her heart to participants’ concerns. Weeks later, the young women she interacted with are still talking about her presentation and the inspiration it gave them. And me!”

Sandra Spencer Director, Women’s Studies Program University of North Texas

“She is fabulous! Our club members, composed of professional women from Houston and the surrounding areas, Katy, Galveston, Pearland, found Laura to be articulate, funny and charming. Her presentation, “Networking, Seven S’s” was both educational and entertaining. Can’t wait until she visits our organization again!”

“The biggest thing that Laura’s coaching has done for me is provide me with a voice of reason in situations where the only person I can rely on is myself. I will forever be in debt to her for showing me how to weigh options in every situation. Thanks Laura.”

“The communications workshop that Laura Morales conducted for our office was quite enlightening! She demonstrated how by simply paying close attention to the unique behavioral characteristics of others, we can learn to model our own behavior accordingly to improve our effectiveness with them. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to the little things that can often make or break the development of a good working relationship, and Laura did a wonderful job of showing us how to practice this on a daily basis to enhance our effectiveness with our clients and colleagues.”

“Thank you so much for speaking to our incoming board members and committee chairs at our board transition day meeting. We are all energized now and will be able to work as a team because of your seminar. Several participants have told me they are more confident about fulfilling their duties during the next year. Thanks for setting us off on the right path.”

Thanks again!

Josie Ochoa President Assistance League Houston

“I received very positive feedback from my team on the Behavioral Selling Workshop. Even the most skeptical account managers thought this was a great session. All were impressed with the accuracy of the assessments and appreciated the coaching on how our personalities are perceived by others. There was great value in reviewing this on a team basis. We can now make better decisions on how to approach customers based on their personalities, and do a better job of assigning roles within our teams.”

Thanks again!

Randy Brudzinski Vice President, Sales, Service Assurance – Broadband SPIRENT COMMUNICATIONS

“As an employer, I found that the information gleaned from Laura’s workshop enhanced my understanding of the working dynamics of my staff. This will undoubtedly enable me to be a more effective manager. I have already been able to apply some of the knowledge gained into my daily office routine. The investment in this session was well spent. I recommend this Workshop for businesses large and small.”

Mark Gottesman MD – OB-GYN Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas

“I just wanted say that I thought the test I took for Sales was very interesting, but the results were right on the money. I never realized how much comes out of a survey like this. It was the first one I have ever taken. I thought the information that came out of the survey was very constructive to me on my behavior and my habits. I think that someone that does take the test will find out what they do well and what they need to work on. It has already made a difference in the way I conduct myself in my travels with my customers. Thanks for allowing me to do this with you and your company.”

“Trust is the foundation upon which great people, great teams and great companies excel. Laura Morales knows how to build trust and she will show you how to create this essential foundation you need to succeed.”

Jon Gordon Author of Energy Addict and The 10 Minute Energy Solution

“Having Laura Morales as a sales manager was a truly rewarding experience. In many corporate environments, all too often workers complain that management has “lost touch”. They fail to understand the overall business climate and thus are ineffective leaders. Laura certainly was not one to lose touch with those that were lucky enough to work for her. Always supportive, responsive, upbeat, willing to offer realistic advice and suggestions, she was and is a true leader. She always met, and many times exceeded, my expectations and I consider it a privilege to have worked for her.”

Gary Pitt Sales Associate Century 21

“I had the AWESOME experience of working for Laura for 5 years, and it was the best experience in my professional career. Through her leadership and integrity, I not only thrived but surpassed every professional and personal goal that I had set for myself. She is absolutely the most positive, passionate, and inspired person I have ever worked for. When I reported to Laura, I learned the true meaning of being on a team and feeling empowered to make a difference. Her leadership and motivation is unmatched by any I have ever seen. She continually inspired me to reach for the highest goals and helped me to achieve them through honest coaching and hard work. She truly laid a foundation that not only helped me succeed under her leadership but that has continued through my professional development.”

Jennifer Smith Account Executive Sprint Communications, San Antonio, TX

"The majority of an employee’s motivation, opinion, and attitude toward their company is based on their immediate manager. No matter what the salary, benefits, and perks, if an employee is not inspired by their immediate manager, they will not be motivated. Laura’s positive attitude, high energy, work ethic, and integrity always inspired her team members no matter what the situation.”

Andrew Klasing Associate Director of Pricing SBC Communications, Dallas, TX

“I loved working for Laura because I ALWAYS felt that I could go to her for support, to bounce ideas off of, to seek guidance and/or to speak in confidence knowing all the while that she would give me honest feedback and encouragement to grow. She was the best leader for whom I have ever worked.”

Shelly Michetti Account Executive Sprint Communications, Houston, TX

“I now benchmark all management based off what I learned from Laura, and boy talk about setting standards high! My career in sales began with Laura and I believe without her mentoring and coaching I wouldn’t be able to continue on the sales career path that I am on. She launched a career for me and gave me the tools to be successful which I take with me everyday. Her integrity and motivation was so inspiring. Her continued encouragement to date keeps me going. I truly believe anyone who receives her support will be successful.”

Sharon Schlaudt Major Account Executive Qwest Communications, Dallas TX