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Grateful to do business for high profile events – A benefit of being certified

“While planning the April outreach event for the Super Bowl LI Business Connect program, everyone was in agreement that in addition to talking about contracting opportunities, it was critically important to stress the value of intentional networking to our audience of independent business owners.  Networking is the lifeblood of any local, diverse business community.  Laura […]


Brown-nosing versus Networking

Yesterday I was giving a talk, and when the question came up about networking versus schmoozing and brown-nosing, I said … “Brown-nosing is self serving whereas networking is serving others.” Leave me a comment below, and let me know your definition of brown-nosing, and let me know when to use it or not use it […]

Should we lower the bar?

Do you think service levels in general have gone down? Do you continue to find yourself amazed at the poor level of service at a restaurant, drugstore, supermarket, clothing department, etc…. Several years ago when I expressed frustration about the level of service one of my friends was receiving for a service she had purchased […]